Processing and refining at ease

Production, Processing and refining at ease

Harnessing Advanced Technologies to Deliver Sustainable Solutions in Oil, Gas, and Ammonia Production

About Lodel Energy Resources


Leading the charge in eco-friendly energy solutions, Lodel Energy Resources specializes in the advanced production of blue ammonia, setting new standards in the industry.

Committed to environmental stewardship, our operations are designed to minimize ecological impact through innovative technologies and sustainable resource management.

With a focus on global energy needs, Lodel Energy Resources actively contributes to worldwide sustainability goals, providing cleaner alternatives for industrial energy.

Prime Location & Advanced Facilities

Houston Texas

Accessible Infrastructure: Proximity to major highways and rail lines ensures efficient transport and logistics.

Prime Location: Natural gas commitment in a prime location for Ammonia.

Expansion Ready: The chosen location on the San Jacinto River offers great potential for future growth.

Prime Location & Advanced Facilities

Core Advantages of Our Facility


Soft agreements in place for natural gas on a 5 year contract term. Contract to be drafted three months prior to commissioning.


Excess steam produced from plants steam turbine for power generation to be sold to crude oil terminal building onsite for aiding in off loading rail cars of heavy crude oil.

Ammonia Off-Takers

Currently companies have made soft agreements to purchase all of ammonia production. Letter of Intent (LOI) drafts in negotiation with two off-takers as of mid March.

Carbon dioxide

Liquid CO2

Many options for CO2 off-takers. Four companies has expressed interest in purchasing the captured CO2. Already soft-agreement in place.

Optimally located, Lodel Energy Resources’ blue ammonia plant leverages innovative technology and federal tax incentives to promote sustainable practices within the energy sector. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is reflected in our strategic partnerships and the use of eco-friendly operations.

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