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Pioneering Sustainable Oil and Gas Production Techniques to Meet Global Demand with Precision, Safety, and Environmental Responsibility

Oil & Gas


Oil & Gas Production




Operations Refining & Processing

Upstream Services

Upstream Services:

  • Exploration: Details on geophysical surveying and prospect evaluation.
  • Drilling and Production: Overview of drilling operations and well design.
Midstream Services

Midstream Services:

  • Transportation: Information on pipeline and maritime transport solutions.
  • Storage: Facilities for crude oil and natural gas.
  • Processing:  Advanced processing operations such as LNG conversion and Syn Gas processing, Gas treatment, Flare capture, Ammonia, and hydrogen production.
Midstream Services
Downstream Services

Downstream Services:

  • Refining: Processes for converting crude oil into usable products.

  • Distribution and Marketing: Strategies for fuel distribution and retail operations.

  • Chemicals: Production of petrochemical derivatives.

Specialized Services:

Gas Processing and Treatment:
Emphasize blue ammonia and hydrogen solutions, minimal flaring, and renewable power options.

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